What is Magnisign?

MagniSign is a versatile authentication device which uses sound waves to sign your digital transactions and store your private keys, always keeping your identity safe from viruses and malwares.

Marginally larger than a credit card, MagniSign can be used as a token for any transaction involving the use of a cryptographic identity, from cryptocurrencies to legal document digital signature.


MagniSign keeps your secret keys physically inaccessible from spywares, viruses and spying devices.

MagniSigns stores and manage multiple encrypted credentials for easy access to compatible services and transactions.

MagniSign hardware is designed with users in mind. Being no larger than a credit card, it fits in a wallet.

More about Magnisign

Cryptography based technologies are evolving faster than ever, and their disruptive growth is increasingly driving both industry and governments towards a generalized use of digital transaction, documents and identities.

Digital identity management, though, is still lagging behind both in term of security and accessibility: databases and phone application inevitably expose your credentials and online banking authentication tokens, which have proven effective to protect user accounts, are strictly limited to their scope.

MagniSign offers the same level of security as token and can be integrated to every transaction involving a digital signature. MagniSign lets you easily store and manage your digital identities, and protects them with an air gap which ensure that your data will never be exposed.

Use Cases

Legal intities

MagniSign can become a key component in digitizing legal processes in countries where digital signature carries a legal weight.


Businesses can implement the MagniSign to their services thanks to our SDK, and brand the device itself with their own logo.


Developers in need of no-credential logins and secure sign-ins can integrate any feature supported by the MagniSign to website or app thanks to our SDK.

Home users

Anyone using crypto-currencies at home can protect their private key and sign their transactions with a MagniSign.


Data encryption weakest point resides in its signature method, which, up until now, inevitably expose your private encryption key to a system that can be accessed with a clever piece of script carried, for instance, by a virus or spyware. In practice, an attacker can use such scripts to take over a number of vital transactions, from digital currency payment to the hijacking of a company ownership.

MagniSign solves this very problem: it stores your private key in a totally isolated environment, which cannot be accessed via traditional means (USB/Bluetooth), and communicate exclusively via sound, in a process that can not be tapped or interrupted - MagniSign is entirely offline, and entirely secure.