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What measures have you taken to protect your credentials and data?

With the rise of digital devices and information, our bank cards, identification cards, passport information and all other personal data are all transformed into digital information to convey information to machines.

Current Events

Very often, we hear about these security breaches in the news. Technology is ubiquitous in our lives and security is only thought about as an important precaution only after something goes wrong.

Intercepted secure transactions

Being spied on through our personal devices

Private information hacked without our knowledge

Securing your financial information and identity

Magnisign provides secured value transactions in a rapidly changing mobile world, applying world class standards.

Impossible to Hack | Mobile First | Easy to adopt | Validated Security

Global Involvement and Commitment

Our team includes a key stakeholder who holds a Red Team Secret Ops Certification with National Security Agency (NSA), intelligence organization of the United States government, responsible for global monitoring, collection, and processing of information and data for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposes, a discipline known as signals intelligence (SIGINT) as well as a DOD Secret Clearance.

Also, a regular contributor to industry security and invited as a conference speaker at DEFCON and Blackhat.

Working with World's Leading Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Our team has more than 20 years of experience working with leading phone manufacturers to secure data on a global scale, developing products using cutting edge information security techniques powered by Blockchain.

Magnisign uses best practices often reserved for the biggest companies and governments to protect your information and store it digitally within the cell phone you already own.

Boardroom to Battlefield

Being at the forefront of secure system design and validation, our team has been working with governments and companies around the world to secure information.

We are focused on implementing best practices for building secure devices and have worked with the largest companies in the world to implement security. Our team, in some cases, has helped write the standards the governments are now using to validate security.


A digital replacement for your current physical wallet

Diglet allows you to securely store your financial information, identity, cryptographic keys and authentication keys, as well as both cryptocurrency and fiat money. Functionality surpasses Android Pay and Apple Pay without the fees and fully supports blockchain and cryptocurrency.

What you can do with Diglet Wallet

Sign your e-mail with your public key to allow for email encryption

Approve a contract on Award winning OTDocs or Notifile by signing it with your wallet

Seamlessly exchange currency to voucher to cryptocurrency transactions

Provides for authentication for the user using secure cryptographic challenge and response

Provides Secure storage for:

  • identification information
  • existing legacy payment cards
  • Banking information
  • Cryptographic Keys
  • Cryptocurrency
    (Including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies)
  • Loyalty vouchers


Based on international best in class standard, we provide secure analysis, design, development and assistance on security certification.

Diglet - Trusted Execution Engine (TEE)

Diglet, engineered with TrustSonic is built on a global trusted execution engine (TEE). We have successfully made more than a billion mobile phones fully secured around the world. Diglet is easy to adopt as it is built on what is already available within the exising mobile software.

Cryptographic Module Development

MagniSign creates custom modules to meet requirements that will validate to meet the highest requirements and also be globally exportable (not subject to US Cryptographic Export Controls).

  • Worldwide exportable format with no US export control issues: Guidance provided on Cryptographic Modules compliant up to US Department of Defense Suite B grade and Quantum resistant
  • Unique experience in the development of globally standard Cryptographic modules across multiple platforms
  • Our team has developed and certified Cryptographic modules in order to comply with multiple certification requirements including FIPS 140-2 (both level 1 and level 2)
  • Extensive experience in Key Management, Key Derivation and Entropy Generation

Security Certification Assistance

We provide any level of assistance for our customers from simple certification or validation guidance to complete white glove security development and delivery of validated solutions.

  • Our team has completed many global security certifications including Common Criteria ,under the previous  methodology, in every EAL between 1 and 4 including an EAL 4 +
  • Red Team” testing of architecture and software to validate security
  • Experience with the new Fast track evaluations

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